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Not just a pretty face with a sweet voice...  

I am and artist, entrepreneur and the founder of the 

BOSSLADY MVMT Foundation.   


My mission is to uplift and empower people who have been dealt difficult past.  It is my firm belief that every one of us has been put on this earth for a reason and that mine is to inspire others to reach their true potential.  Not everyone knows this, but at sixteen years old, I was sexually assaulted by a group of young men, and found myself alone and pregnant with my son.  I know my experiences as a racialized single teen mom are not unique, but my ability to transcend social statistics and create a successful and fulfilling life is what inspires others to think bigger than their current circumstances.


My music catalog has hip-hop and R&B influences, but I never commit to any one genre.  Each song is unique and different from the last, and all are totally relatable.  If “heartfelt” and “makes-you-think” were genres, then I would be at the top.


While you can find me dancing and celebrating wherever I go, I am the happiest when I am on stage.  Ever since I was a kid I used to stand on the bathroom stool and sing along to Bob Marley, dreaming of one day becoming a famous singer.  I have always loved performing and I am an expert at engaging and enchanting a crowd.  

If you are anything like me, then you know how hard it is to keep a positive and healthy mindset, when the market is flooded with toxic music and artists that care nothing about us.  That’s why I have made it my duty to make art that empowers people. 

I was born and raised in Toronto, and I now call Niagara Falls my home.

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