An education grant for single mothers starting a business, attending school or training.

The BOSSLADY MVMT  Foundation's mission is to support single mothers in becoming independent from welfare, low paying or precarious jobs.

The BOSSLADY MVMT Foundation helps clients do more than simply survive, by providing life coaching, long term planning, and real supports that will lead to financial freedom. 

standing apart from the crowd

Unlike most grant programs in this sector, the BOSSLADY MVMT Foundation does not ask clients to provide bank statements or to prove poverty.  We recognize that asking for proof of low income forces our clients to remain in a state of poverty in order to continue to receive funding.  It is our conviction that demanding proof of poverty is cruel and damaging to one’s self image.  Our goal is to help single mothers become financially free, therefore we do not cut funding or penalize our clients who generate a livable income. All we ask is that our clients demonstrate a willingness and commitment to self improvement.